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Board & Training


In addition to the top notch care each horse at the farm receives, our training program is specifically designed around your horses needs, a variety of training methods will be used to keep your horse fresh and bring out their best potential. Whether your horse is in the early stages of their training or a seasoned show horse a tailored program will be made to reach the goals set forth by the trainers and owners. The trainers at LHS recognize that each horse is an individual and will be treated that way Your horse will be paired up with the trainer who best fits their needs; however we all work as a team both at the farm and at the horse shows.

Additional Cost

A monthly invoice will be sent/emailed each month with your horses current board and/or training rate as well as any additional cost accrued that may include but not limited too:

- Worming

- Farrier

- Vet Work

- Body Clipping

- Dentist

- Blanket Washing