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Show Fees & Expenses

Show Fees

All show fees will be invoiced prior to the show once entries have closed. Payment will need to be received 10 days prior to the horse leaving for the show. The invoice will include the trucking fees, day fees as well as misc expenses (itemized on the bill). All Horse Show Fees are to be paid in the Horse Show Office prior to leaving the horse show.

Horse Show Expense - Billed at Cost

- Horse Stall

- Cost of classes entered

- Horse show fee's (office fee, drug fees, non member fees, personal camper spots​)

Trucking Fee

- Syracuse, NY - $

- West Springfield, MA - $

- Northampton, MA - $

- Topsfield, MA - $


Day Fee

- 3 Day Show - $250

- 4 Day Show - $300

- New England - $500

- OKC - $800

- Day fee includes grooming expenses at the show, lessons at the show, rail instruction, and the extra care your show horse requires at the show

- The day fee does not including tipping of the grooms, tipping is strong encouraged as our grooms work extremely hard preparing each horse for the show ring. Suggested amounts vary depending on the size of the show, for more information please see Scott or Danielle.

Misc. Expenses (billed at cost)

- Bedding - expect 7-10 bags/show (NE & OKC expect many more)

- Extra Stalls - divided among horses attending show (expect 4-6 extra stalls/show)

- Camper/Hotel and/or travel expense for trainers and staff - divided among horses attending show

​- Golf Cart - divided among horses attending show

- Braiding - $100.00 (hunters, mane/tail for the duration of the show)

- Harness Rental - $25.00

- Cart Rental - $25.00

​- Box Seats - divided among horses attending show

- Decorations & Hospitality - divided among horses attending show

- Show Sponsorships - divided among horses attending show

If you plan to bring a personal camper to New England Morgan a Camper Reservation Form needs to be filled out and sent in separate from show entries, if you had one last year a renewal from will be sent to you. Camper spots for New England are due by 4/1.​​